A bouncy bear, into exhibitionism, bondage, bi curious, chastity, anal and All thats Kinky

Im looking to do Krazy today... Ideas on the chopping block include but not limited to:: Walking a semi busy park wearing B Ball shortz and T with a caged cock , and while a fair distance from my car have a friend message me to pee my shortz.. 2) Park at a landing wearing only a very long T or a Sarong ... get out of the front seat into the back seat and slowly mastrubate myself with eyes closed until I release or hear someone near my car. 3) Go off into one of the forest roads, strip nakee and cuff myself to the roof rack of my car for 30 minutes , and hope no one comes around and catches me (wink) Are you up for helping me have a naughty day by picking and activity or maybe you have a better idea
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